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Lose Weight…Permanently

For a great many people (far too many for this to be merely coincidence) their MAIN ‘personal success’ goal is to lose weight.

So, the question that must be asked is why so many people, in modern society,are overweight? Ah, it’s a genetic thing. There’s been an exponential increase in bad genes passed down during the last couple of generations.

While there might be a very small chance (caused by a mother’s improper nutriment during pregnancy) of inherited factors playing a part in the body’s ability to efficiently digest and burn fuel (food) the overwhelming reasons for the ‘epidemic’ of over-weight and obesity in modern times is due to the deliberate manipulation of food.

Nowadays food is made (manufactured/processed) for profit – not for the benefit of the consumer (you and me). Actually it is much worse even than that. Food is made deliberately to cause weight gain and ill health. It is certainly not coincidence!

I know it is a dispiriting mentation to think that people would even think about doing this to fellow human beings. But, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out. The owners and controllers of the food industry are also (at the highest level) the owners and controllers of the pharmaceutical and medical industries So by producing and selling (for vast profits) food that causes health and weight issues they are also creating the market for their chemical pharmaceutical ‘solutions’.

Which also cause even further health problems, leading to an endless roundabout of ever greater profit opportunities, for them – and an endless set of health and weight challenges for you
and me to face.

Perhaps you don’t believe this. Perhaps you don’t think this is possible. It’s all nothing but a huge coincidence. The fact that it is almost impossible to maintain an ideal weight nowadays, and virtually everyone in so-called ‘civilised’ society have health problems of one kind or another, is all just part of the natural frailty of a human being.

The problem with this argument is that a human being is the pinnacle of Intelligent Design (God). We human beings were created to be perfect in every way. We were created to live healthy, disease free lives. 150 years plus for each one.

So what went wrong?

Unfortunately, Humanity has been taken over by Demonic influences. The reasons for this are too complex and convoluted to relate here but, suffice here to say – the Demonic take-over is obvious, if you stop to think about it and recognise it.

The chase for profits (for money – which equates to power and control) over any concern for the well-being of fellow people is nothing more than demonic. And, it is happening all the time.

One classic example – is Aspartame.

Aspartame is known to be one of the most toxic chemicals in existence. and lethal, to human beings. But, it has a sweet flavour which is attractive to (distorted) human palates. Despite it’s incredibly negative health properties, Aspartame, after enough money was spent in bribes and threats, was approved by the American FDA for use as a sweetener in so-called ‘diet’ foods.

Then more money was spent promoting products that contained Aspartame – notably ‘Diet’ Colas – and other ‘Diet’ drinks, and ‘low-sugar’ or ‘sugar-free’ foods. The profits gained by marketing this heinous toxin-containing food and drink products are humongous. But, that was only the start. The profits from people seeking medical attention – (unknowingly) as a result of ingesting Aspartame
are even greater.

Apart from the deadly side-effects of ingesting Aspartame – as a “Diet’ food it actually has the opposite effect, than the desired one. Aspartame causes weight gain, not reduces it! Chemicals (which are contained in virtually every food product you eat) cannot be digested by a human being properly, so most of the chemicals you eat are simply stored around the body as fat.

Aspartame is one tiny example of your systematic poisoning by the World’s major (Demonic) Corporations. Please don’t mention MacDonald’s or ‘Fast Food’ to me. My rant about the sheer Evil of these so-called ‘restaurants’ will last for pages…(Deep breath – exhale…slowly – control… Ahhh, maybe another time.)

Perhaps your personal success goals don’t include concerns about your weight. But, please, surely you owe it to your loved ones, if not yourself, to, at least do some research into what you feed yourself, and your family, with.

If just one person changes their outlook on what they eat, then writing this article has been worthwhile. There will be one less person adding to the profits of the Evil Elite Cabal who run and control the world exclusively for their own benefit.

Join the Plant and Grow Your Personal Success course – and I can guarantee that you will lose weight (permanently) – if you REALLY want to…and be motivated to further success in all other aspects of your life.

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