Cure The Depression That Limits You

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Cure The Depression That Limits You

Depression is the symptom of a lack of trust…

To have complete trust and faith in yourself – and of course in your ‘Higher-self’
(your connection to everything ) is very difficult to achieve.

Trust is fragile. Trust (in anything) continually waivers between extremes – depending on
emotional responses, rather than on logical ones.

You can trust some one implicitly and feel comfortable with that trust, but if they do something,
however minor, that you perceive is not in your interests you experience an emotional reaction
– through your heart. And trust can often instantly disappear in anger, or
disappointment, or sadness. It then takes quite an effort to stand back and think more calmly
and logically about the situation.

The company you work for has only to be late paying you once (after always being on
time in the past) and your trust in the company suddenly begins to waiver. You begin to
second guess the underlying reasons for the delay on an emotional level (fear).

Once trust in something or someone is lost – it is extremely difficult to get back.
Once you lose trust in yourself – in your own abilities, it is even harder to get back.
The emotions created by loss of trust are powerful and can become severely debilitating.

A tension that takes over your being (centered around the heart) can cause the suppression of
logical thinking. Deep inhalations and expulsions of air are required just to keep control of your
faculties and functions.

This, of course, is fear and anxiety – and in severe cases – chronic depression.

Chemicals can sometimes be used to suppress the tension you feel at the centre of you, by
blocking synapses and nerve pathways, so that you can, at least function. But, they cannot
relieve the causes of the stress – the lack of trust in yourself.

When you think about it, ALL tension, and stress, and depression in life is a direct result of a loss of trust.

Trust in yourself – a lack of confidence and self-belief, or a lack of trust in others – or other things .
And it all comes down to one prime emotion – the dense low vibration state of fear .
If you can lose the feelings of fear, you will lose ALL tension and stress. And, in that case,
depression cannot be sustained. It will disappear.

Of course it is far easier said than done – to lose fear from your life.

But once you know that this is all there is to tension, stress, worry and depression, it creates a
single focal point to concentrate on. Forget about all the various reasons (symptoms)
that are causing
your tension – and focus on why you are afraid.

Afraid of losing something/someone is the prime cause of most stress. Afraid of letting
others down and not living up to expectations, is another. Afraid of other people’s reactions.
Afraid of fear itself (which leads to an ever spiraling cycle) Afraid that a bad situation will
never get better, and so on…

These things are all the result of a lack of self-worth. The emotion of fear is brought into
being by nothing more than expectation – expecting, or anticipating the worst – and then
usually (subconsciously) manifesting it.

I can GUARANTEE that you will lose all your depression
(even deep-seated acute depression)
if you join the Plant and Grow Your Personal Success course…

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