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What Makes The Difference?

Trying to find personal success Online? Going round in circles? Spending more money than
you’re earning? Confused? Overwhelmed? Stressed?

Give up. Concentrate on your day job.

This is genuine advice…for the halfhearted. For the people who like the dream, but do not
have the commitment required to achieve the dream.

It’s great to have a DREAM. It helps us to get through the day, when things are not going well,
and we find we have just too many challenges to face. One day it will all be different though,
we tell ourselves. Things will work out and we will get some money somehow. And then we
will get our dream home – or our dream lifestyle, or whatever the dream is.

For many of us having a dream is a safety-valve, a pressure relief. For a few moments each
day we can sit back and imagine ourselves in a different situation – an ideal situation. And we
tell ourselves that’s where we will be in the future. So, let’s just put up with things as they are
now… it will get better.

Of course without true belief NOTHING will ever get better on a permanent basis. Of course
you will have ups and downs in your life. Some days, weeks, even years, will be better than
others, but, if you continue to think you are just unlucky in everything you try – you will be.
There really is no such thing as luck though.

Every challenge sent your way (you might think of it as bad luck) is a learning experience.
And how you deal with the challenge will effect the way the next challenge or problem will
enter your life. And how you deal with that problem, will effect the next one. And so on.

Of course if you don’t know this (or simply don’t believe it) you will likely give up on the
dream you are seeking. Ah, nothing I do ever works out – so what’s the point?

And, nothing will ever work out if that becomes your mind-set.

If you know this (you do now) and you can accept it – you will deal with each challenge you
come across in a more positive manner. And instead of negative challenges leading to ever
more negative outcomes, each new challenge will lead you to where you want to go.

The road to personal success is not easy…until you know the route. The challenges and obstacles
that seem to always get in the way, are (if you have the right mind-set) actually leading you to
your dream, not away from it.

I am currently chasing my dream. The difference is I KNOW I will achieve personal success
– it is my destiny.

How can I really know this?

Because each challenge or frustration that comes my way, always leads me to a solution.
Now, all I have to do is act and implement that solution.

I can guide you to the mind-set for your personal success

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