Why Does NOTHING Ever Seem to Work?

Enhance all aspects of your life

Why Does NOTHING Ever Seem to Work?

Is Personal Success Always Destined to be Elusive?

By far the most fundamental thing to know and understand when you are searching for a
treatment, or for a ‘physical’ solution to any challenge you might have, is that there is
physicality, no solidity (as we understand it) in any of the dimensions in existence.

Basically everything…everything, is nothing more than a form of energy – vibrations /electrical
wave forms. Ah, now that’s just totally crazy – no solidity? If I stand in front of a moving car
then some ‘physical’ damage, pain at the very least, will surely happen to me as a result of
solid car hitting me. I banged my head this morning on the shower door – it certainly felt
solid to me and I even have a bruise to prove it was solid.

OK, I grant you, this concept of nothing being solid is a difficult one to comprehend
(I explain it in my book). But, on the other hand, if all ‘solid’ things are made up of atoms, which
they are, and an atom is ninety nine point nine percent empty space, which it is, then how can
‘solid’ things be solid if they are made up of ninety nine point nine percent empty space? It is
different forces (vibrations) acting upon the atoms that bind them together to give them their
apparent physical forms.

Everything in our life is simply a matter of perception. Think about it…we Human Beings have
five senses; hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. Now, how do these senses work?

Well, sight is the result of light waves (energy) hitting the retina and then being decoded in the
brain to reveal whatever object is being viewed, right? Hearing is the result of sound waves
(energy) causing vibrations in the inner ear which are then sent as electrical impulses to be
decoded by the brain as sound – talking, or music, or traffic noise etc. Smells are the same,
electrical signals being decoded by the brain. Same with taste and of course touch. So, in actual
fact everything ‘solid’ we see, feel, hear, taste and smell is simply the decoding of electrical
signals (energy) received by the brain.

Therefore our perceptions of the whole world are simply conceived in our head.

So why would you expect anything (geared towards your personal success) that is based
singularly on addressing a ‘physical’ aspect of your life to be effective? Simply, it will not be
– for long.

The energetic core of your Being – your vibrations HAVE to be significantly altered for any
solution or treatment for
any challenge you are facing, to have a lasting effect.

For example if you have a financial challenge in your life and you simply join any Online
income program, or make-money-easily scheme, to see what happens, hoping it is the one
that will finally work, your chances of success are extremely limited. Because you are
approaching it on a purely ‘physical’ level.

To most people personal success begins with having more money in their life. But, it is a
self-defeating, false precept to think it is simply money that will solve everything. Instead
of thinking about money, think about more lofty, higher-minded goals;

A life without stress.
A life with more time freedom.
A life in a different location.
A life with more labor-saving devices.
A life with a holiday home to relax in.
A life with more health.
A care-free retirement.

If this is done with serious intent and total commitment the finances to bring about your
goals will come to you in various ways and often with a high degree of synchronicity
(one thing leading to another). Personal success is a journey not just a destination.

You reading this blog post is synchronicity – it was meant to happen! It is not just random
chance that you are here. Now that you
are here however, it is up to you what you do next…
click away – or click the link below to find out more…and start your journey to a high level
of personal success.

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